S p e a k U P P r e n e z l a p a r o l e e t v o u s s e r e z c o m p r i s L a n g u a g e s w i t h o u t f r o n t i e r s M i t u n s k e n n t S p r a c h e k e i n e G r e n z e n
S p e a k U PP r e n e z   l a   p a r o l e   e t   v o u s   s e r e z   c o m p r i sL a n g u a g e s  w i t h o u t  f r o n t i e r sM i t   u n s   k e n n t   S p r a c h e   k e i n e   G r e n z e n

Your international conference interpreting consultancy and organizer


The SpeakUP label stands
for an international network
of interpreters, headed by an experienced and consultant interpreter who is a practising professional
herself and therefore fully attuned
to the requirements and conditions
of interpreters‘ work

Professional expertise

Competent and comprehensive consultancy, tailor-made,

cost-effective quotes, optimal recruitment of the right interpreters

for each assignment,
top-level language skills, first-rate technical expertise and a professional and reliable service -  SpeakUP
is firmly committed to these values and principles, acting as the interface between clients wishing to organize a multilingual conference and an international network of interpreters


As a single point of contact, SpeakUP will be glad to provide you advice on any queries you may have concerning the language services for your international event and put together the optimal solution to match your specific requirements. As SpeakUP collaborates with highly qualified, dedicated interpreters who see themselves as language facilitators, we can deliver the best service for you as the client in strict respect of the principle of confidentiality. Last but not least, SpeakUP's international network is a guarantee of a convincing cost-benefit ratio

Member of aiic, VKD and BDU

Our range of service

Written translations

Meeting documents, minutes, presentations, product specifications, legal contracts, business reports, advertising texts, press articles, administrative texts and other specialized documentation -

Certified translations

Interpreting services

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting at congresses, scientific, technical and political conferences, seminars, training sessions, company visits, accompanying delegations, press conferences, international product launches, supervisory board meetings, annual general assembles, sporting events, television interviews, etc.

Liaison interpreting for bilateral business negotiations

Conference organization & Consultancy

Professional conference organisation and consultancy: recruitment and coordination of interpreting teams covering all conference languages (tailor-made quotes prepared for international events), arrangement of the appropriate conference technology for your specific event



National and multinational companies,

government institutions,

national and international associations and organisations,


Specialized fields

Aerospace and Defence • Automotive industry • European Works Councils • Industrial Relations • Information and Communication Technologies • Environment • Plastics industry • Construction industry • Economics • Finance and Insurance • Law • Marketing

Advertising/PR • Politics • TV • Tourism

We strive to provide our clients with high-value service and optimal quality at all times.

Experience ! Trust ! Expertise !